I can have multiple ejaculations accompanied by orgasms

I’m a 16-year-old male and I started masturbating when I was ten. The first time I masturbated, semen did come out of my penis (a lot of it) and every time I masturbated, I would be able to achieve multiple and wet orgasms with no weakening of my erection and apparently no refractory period.

I never knew the whole concept of a refractory period existed until relatively recently when I became baffled at why premature ejaculation was such a problem in sex (didn’t know about the refractory period).   After researching, I discovered that interval existed for men in which a man cannot ejaculate again immediately after ejaculating.

I can have multiple ejaculations accompanied by orgasms numbering between 3-7 ejaculations/orgasms depending on the hiatus from when I last masturbated.

The ejaculations would decline in wetness from the first to second and so on… First being the wettest and most”explosive”and the remainder being relatively dry though with ejaculation characterized by a throbbing penis and everything consistent with a typical ejaculation except with little to no semen. (The last orgasm/ejaculation would have little semen and the semen would be more clear.)

I’ve tried researching for info on the web but I can’t find anything useful.

How common is this condition of having an apparently nonexistent refractory period and what are the advantages and drawbacks of this”symptom”.   Any advice or cautions? Background information for this condition would be greatly appreciated.


Many men diligently practice for years to be able to do what you are describing happens without any effort at all. Be delighted with such a wonderful gift.

Tantric and Taoist sacred sexuality practices both emphasize delaying ejaculation for long periods of time, e. g., days, weeks and months between ejaculations, or at the extreme no ejaculation ever. We do not recommend this extreme position.

Our recommendation is for men to experiment with delaying ejaculation by learning how to circulate the hot sexual energy up through the body, away from the prostate. As this hot sexual energy rises through the body, all the higher chakra centers (centers of spiritual energy) open and men can experience ecstatic states of sexual pleasure throughout the body (not just in the genitals) and also a profound awakening and expansion of spiritual consciousness.

You may be moving the energy without realizing it. Usually if the energy stays stuck in the genital area, without the release of ejaculation, the prostate will become sore (think”blue balls”), but this discomfort will disappear with an ejaculation. You are probably avoiding this with your multiple ejaculatory orgasms. Try learning to move the energy, which if done successfully, results in your being able to have orgasms without ejaculation. This energy, if not spent in ejaculation, but rather circulated up through the body, then becomes available for other purposes, e. g. offering a serious competitive advantage is sports.

Use PC squeezing to move the energy. Squeeze the muscles in the genital area as if you were stopping the flow of urine mid-stream. As long as you move the hot sexual energy away from the prostate as fast as it builds during lovemaking, then you will not experience any prostate discomfort. If the prostate gets sore, it only means that it is time to let off the”pressure”with the squirt of ejaculation.

Most men experience a depletion of energy, e. g., they want to roll over and go to sleep after an ejaculation and will be completely wiped out if they attempt to have several ejaculations in a row within a short period of hours. Even if this is not the case with you, I recommend practicing delaying the ejaculation and reducing the total number of ejaculations over the next several months to see the effect. You can always go back to frequent ejaculations if you prefer after you have completed your experiment.

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